Hi there, stranger.


So I finally got a chance to check out my grades from last semester after months of waiting for our school to update the goddamn website. The good news is that I passed all my subjects (including PE1 and MATH11) except, bad news, Economics. And it’s pretty official. The number five was like glaring at me saying, “Better say goodbye to your high allowance now, douchebag. No more books ‘til December. BWAHAHHAAHAHAH!!!!”

Yeah. I really gotta step it up once classes start again because I’m still considered an “Old Freshman”. It’s sad to think that the only (relatively) high grades I’ve gotten from were of my Arts class and Computer class, which are barely related to the course I’m taking, which is BS Nursing and Public Health. And I’m kidding, it’s Development Communication. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to excel in every single shit that’s given to me because I’m tired of worrying about “passing or failing” whenever the semester ends and cursing the school’s website just because it’s taking them too long to post the grades when really, it’s all MY FAULT for slacking off that I’m potentially going to fail subjects here and there. Plus, high grades only equate to my parents wanting to buy stuff for me and I just really want a trampoline in our backyard, okay?

God, I used to be an honor student. What the fuck happened.

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