Hi there, stranger.


I just had the worst dream last night.

I vaguely remember anything, but what I can recall is that I was in a huge shopping mall, looking around for interesting reads inside the bookstore. I’ve already spent nearly 20 minutes there and was about to leave when suddenly a delivery guy came through the entrance. He was carrying a pile of big books that looked really interesting at first glance—so I walked closer to him and asked him if I can check out the books. He put the bunch on the counter of the Customer Service area, and I began to inspect on each and every book in the pile. After a few minutes, I became puzzled. I thought, these are exactly the kind of books I buy! I double—no, triple-checked—each book again and again, to confirm that I, in fact, had a copy of every single book in that pile! It didn’t take me a while to realize that these books were mine. TRULY MINE. MINE, AS IN, “I-BOUGHT-THESE-YOU-MOTHERFUCKER-GET-AWAY-FROM-THESE-BOOKS” MINE.

And so I went berserk and shouted at the delivery guy saying things like, “THESE ARE MY BOOKS FUCKING ASSHOLE WHERE DID YOU GET THESE?!?!??!! I’M GONNA SUE YOU FUCKERS UNTIL YOU RETURN THESE BOOKS TO ME.” And he changed to all-innocent mode and said, “I’m sorry, Sir. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please exit the store or I’m going to call the police.”

I had nothing else to do, but I remained so angry and I yelled and yelled and yelled, and after exiting the store, I started crying madly. I kept saying to myself, “Those are my books! I bought those with MY OWN MONEY. What the fuck are they doing with MY books?!” And then I continued sobbing. I returned to the store and begged on my knees. “PLEASE RETURN MY BOOKS! I SWEAR THEY’RE MINE! PLEASE, PLEASE RETURN THEM!!!” And then the security guard kicked me out and literally said, “LOL NO.”

And then I woke up.

When I look back, it’s not really a big deal (because it was a dream, obviously). But I could feel my energy drained like I really did cry and shout physically while I was sleeping. I felt so tired but I didn’t want to sleep again. I checked the books on my shelf and felt ┬áincredibly relieved that my books were there.

Clearly, I’ve taken this obsession with books to the next level.

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