Hi there, stranger.



So today my mom drove me to this friend of hers who owns a music center near our house. This guy was best friends with my dad when they were in high school and he’s a realllyyyyy good musician; not to mention his name is literally “Guy”.

Anyway, we inquired about the summer guitar lessons because when I tried learning the guitar for the first time yesterday, I got frustrated after about 5.2 minutes. Each session is hella expensive, but my mom insisted that I go along with the program anyway. And all I kept thinking was, “I hope this doesn’t interfere with my mom’s ‘books for deathpill' budget money.”

After all the enrolling shenanigans, I met up with my music teacher! We went to his room and the first thing I saw he was doing was 9gag-ing on his laptop. I thought, “Hey! There’s a small chance that this could actually not be awkward!” Not to mention he looked a bit geeky and malnourished (like me) plus he appears to be an internet person, so we could probably even be friends!I wonder why he kept looking at my hair the whole time, though…

I just hope I don’t disappoint.┬áBut then again, who the fuck am I kidding?

  1. sukinichi said: yay
  2. punkzappa said: it’s okay, it’s actually pretty easy to learn the guitar! you just need a lot of practice.
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