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It’s official: I’ve become a slave to the “Booksale” franchise. But believe it or not, about 70% of the books/comics pictured above were purchased at prices below PHP50! If you still don’t believe me, ask @sukinichi as she was the one who suffered carrying all these books for me yesterday, when we were at the mall.

It was fun, though. The whole “hunting for good stuff” thing. From time to time we’d recommend each other books which resulted in laughing so hard that the clerks started to give us the stink eye. I’d hand her books entitled “Understanding Obesity” and “Fat Chicks Rule!”, and she’d give me ones called “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men” and other offensive shit.

Aaaaaaaaaaand since my birthday is in less than ten days, I’m calling out to my real life friends who are reading this post to check out this official ~*BOOK BUCKET LIST*~ page I’ve prepared. Sayonara, and enjoy shopping!~ 

  1. sukinichi said: "the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA OH g0d
  2. caramelbar said: YAY BOOKSALE
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