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First day in bullets…and the day after that

  • I hate waking up early
  • My Math teacher called Twitter as “Tweeters”
  • My Economics teacher’s name is U-Primo
  • I know right
  • Waited 30 minutes for a class that wasn’t even my class to begin with
  • Went late (obviously) to the correct class this time and my teacher talkedĀ a lot and he had this weird gesture wherein he looks like he’s smelling his armpits every five minutes
  • But then again he’s probably just wiping off his sweat
  • Either way it was still funny because I could see his hairy underarms
  • The next day on the drive way to school there was this girl whose head got ripped off after sleeping on the railroad and getting run over by a train
  • Boring classes were boring
  • 5 hour long vacant
  • Second sem and I still have no friends
  • :(
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